About the journal

Journal of Earth and Environmental Science Research is an Open Access Peer-review Journal from Scientific Research and Community Publishers publishes all research articles, Video articles, and PowerPoint presentations in the arena of Earth sciences and Environmental Sciences Research will always be freely available online and readily accessible. Earth and environmental sciences Research covers all aspects from Earth and planetary sciences, Mainly executes from solid Earth processes, surface and atmospheric dynamics, Earth system history, Climate and climatic changes, Marine and Freshwater systems, Ecology, Soil, Geomorphology, Biogeography, Climatology, Meteorology, Geochemistry, Geology, Paleontology, Edaphology, Penology, oceanography and Limnology, Natural resources, Ecosystems, Special climates or unique geographic zones, and the Earth, Evolution systems, Anthropology, Natural Disasters, Geographical, GeoSpace, Earth Mining, Earth Minerals, Natural resources, Water and soil contamination waste management and disposal practices, Geological processes, etc.